BN Photo LLC | About
First and foremost, I am man of faith who has been gifted with the ability and the desire to connect with people in honest and meaningful ways. Photography is one of the avenues where I have been able to realize my blessing. One of life’s lessons that I’ve learned is to follow one’s heart. That lesson has served me well over the years. My love of teaching/learning led me to a 12-year career as a teacher of gifted kids. My passion for baseball blossomed into 28 years as the team photographer for the Texas Rangers. My veneration of marriage led me to photographing weddings. My ultimate desire is to use the gifts that God has blessed me with to actualize and support the gifts of others.

At its elemental level, photography is all about relationships – photographer to subject – subject to light – light to camera – camera to photographer. Each relationship is vital to the image. I revel in these relationships … especially the relationship with you. This affinity breeds comfort on both sides of the camera, allowing me to capture not only what you do, but who you are. Let’s be honest – weddings are a stressful event, so many moving parts. That is why your comfort is of my utmost concern. My 35 years in photography, my background as a teacher, and, yes, my 25 years as an improvisational comedian all contribute to the fact that I am a person you can trust on your wedding day…just one less moving part! From our first meeting to discuss your wedding photo needs to the delivery of your images I am dedicated to your peace of mind, your satisfaction and your sense of fun, yes, fun. Weddings can be fun, too! I look forward to being part of your day.